About Me

Cynthia Mayhall Christy was born and raised on a farm in Eastern Oregon, and was once married to a man who gave her four beautiful, smart children. He introduced her to the Sumpter Valley Railroad Restoration, Inc. In 1977, he took her to Baker City, Oregon to see the newly reacquired seventy ton ALCO locomotives 19 and 20 and a rotary snow plow. They were still sitting on Union Pacific flat cars, waiting to be loaded on a truck and taken to McEwen. 
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In fall 1993 while living in Baker City, Cindy began following her husband to McEwen to help him work as a volunteer in passenger operations.  The next spring she began training as brakeman.  As time went on, she was qualified as brakeman, speeder operator, conductor, steam locomotive fireman on the Sumpter Valley Railroads 42 ton wood fired Heisler #3 and the 70 ton oil fired ALCO Mikado #19,  and engineer on the 70 ton ALCO Mikado #19.
So this is truly an engineer’s gallery. 


As the Sumpter Valley Railroad Restoration grew in size she was asked to volunteer as the Secretary for the non-profit corporation, a duty which lasted more than ten years. She also worked in the depots, facilities, track maintenance, apprentice signal maintainer, serves on the board of directors, is a contributor to the Stump Dodger newsletter, and began taking pictures for inclusion in the newsletter and on the svry website.


Married to Steve Christy in 2000, he encouraged her to pursue an interest in photography, and bought her a video camcorder and the first 2 digital cameras that she uses most often.  She has worked for the United States Postal Service for 28 years, and plans to open a storefront gallery after retirement. Products are available on this site, or from the Limited Catalog at*.  Steve manages the on line gallery after many years in the transit industry.  The couple still volunteers at Sumpter Valley Railroad, and you might find them at McEwen or Sumpter on many weekends. 

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